About The Owner

Aina Studio was created by former model agent and celebrity assistant Taylor Cook.

Her love for natural products and remedies began at an early age growing up in the Caribbean watching her mother create oils, scrubs, and remedies out of their home.

The idea followed Taylor to New York - a city constantly vibrating with energies and people - where finding peace and a grounded state of mind is so essential.

Who Is Aina?

Pronounced EYE-nah. The word Aina comes from the Hawaiian word meaning The Land; homeland; from the land.

Everything we believe in starts with the idea of respect and praise for Mother Nature. All of our inspiration starts and is constantly pulled from the global Land.



You will never find animal by-products, petroleum, paraffin, artificial dyes, or artificial fragrances in any of our products. Each product contains the rustic healing powers of botanicals and therapeutic aromas derived from essential oils, resins, or wood.

Regulated by the government of Peru to conserve local forests and jungles, our ritual bundles are sustainably sourced. All wood is scavenged, and no trees are ever cut down in the process.


The Power of The Coconut

Fractionated coconut oil is an odorless, lightweight, all-natural preservative and bonder allowing The Spray's essential oil blends to maintain their potency and beneficial properties.

This water-like medium chain triglyceride mixed with distilled North American witch hazel creates the perfect alcohol-free fragrance base.