Is The spray really 100% natural?

Yes! We always choose naturally derived essential oils, never artificial fragrances, and keep our ingredients list super simple. So simple you'll be able to read and understand every single word. It's vegan, it's gluten-free, and it's really 100% all natural.


What do you mean sans alcohol?

Fragrance fillers such as ethyl alcohol can be registered by the body as harmful. When this happens some people suffer from an allergic reaction. Our sprays have an odorless fractionated coconut oil and witch hazel base that is mild, non-drying, and safe for use even on your face. As always, it is safe practice to do a patch test before fully applying anything new to your skin. If for any reason you do have a reaction to any of the ingredients discontinue use immediately. 


what is the refill + recycle program, and how do i participate?

We want to introduce an easy way for our customers to participate in mindful waste reduction and recycling. Sometimes all of those recycling labels can be tricky to understand, and we also recognize that not every city or state regulates/mandates residential recycling. Stay tuned for the launch of this program in the beginning of 2019.


what if i want to exchange a product or return my product for a refund?

Our studio is small, just the way we like it. All of our sprays are small batched and hand poured to order to ensure freshness and the longest shelf life possible for you. We do not hold onto large quantities of inventory for the same reason as it's important to us that your ritual starters arrive to you fresh without having sat in a warehouse losing potency. For these reasons we do not accept exchanges or refunds.

However if a product arrives damaged or is malfunctioning we will gladly replace it for you free of charge (including shipping).