AINA [EYE-nah] is a Hawaiian word meaning Land.

The word Aina encompasses the ethos of the brand. Everything we believe in starts with the idea of respect and praise for Mother Nature and constantly pulling inspiration from the global Land.

Aina Studio was created by former model agent + celebrity assistant Taylor Cook.

Taking a small step back from the industry, Taylor refocused her energy towards the practice of spirituality and earthly consciousness. Starting out as a homemade candle shop run out of her Harlem apartment, the studio morphed into a space for experimental sensory creations. 

The Spray is an all-natural, all-purpose fragrance mist; sans alcohol or any other chemical irritants. Each spray is small-batch, hand-poured  into eco-friendly, recyclable plastic bottles. 

You will never find animal by-products, petroleum, paraffin, artificial dyes, or artificial fragrances in any of our products..

Each product contains the rustic healing powers of botanicals and/or therapeutic aromas derived from essential oils, resins, or wood.

Our ritual bundles are sourced sustainably with the environment in mind.