What is essential oil and what are the benefits?

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds expelled through distillation from various parts of a plant or flower. This concentrated oil includes the very molecules used by the plant to act as a natural repellant and/or attractor, environmental shield, and self-healing system. Once these molecules are extracted they can then be used to help us in many of the same ways. Below you'll find a few of our fave oils along with their unique healing properties.


Calms the nervous system which can help with problems going to sleep, anxiety, and stress.


Naturally deodorizes and disinfects along with high cleansing and calming benefits. 

palo santo

Great for concentration and memory recall. Used often as an aid to meditation.


Rids inflammation and adds a bit of glow and suppleness to the skin.


Anti-viral and also a great mental stimulant and energy booster.  


Calms respiratory issues as well as nausea, and helps alleviate stress. 

Unisex Scents   We tend to shy away from frilly, overly sweet scents. Our scent combinations are deep, rich, and moody. Whether it's a blend of citrus with herbaceous undertones or florals with hints of wood and spice, these scents can be enjoyed by everyone. They make the perfect ' Just Moved In With The S/O'   house warming gift.


cleanse your space without the smoke

Want the cleansing and purifying effects of Sage or Palo Santo but don't want the smoke that comes along with it?

Use the calming Clary Sage + Lavender spray or the uplifting Palo Santo + Lemongrass spray in place of the traditional smudge stick.



Facial toner + travel spray

Because our sprays have an all natural ingredients base, they are safe to use even on your delicate face.

As a matter of fact our natural preservative, fractionated coconut oil doubles as a hydrator for your skin.

Take advantage of this hidden extra feature by grabbing a bottle of our Rose + Cocoa spray before your next long distance trip.  

Facial Toner + Travel Spray   Because our sprays have an all natural ingredients base, they are safe to use even on your face! Take advantage of the mix of rose oil and witch hazel as a facial toner or travel spray for those long dry hours in the plane. 


incorporating scent to reach ultimate hygge + balance feng shui in your home.

We are always in search of finding ways to help us decompress and live peaceful lives filled with mindfulness. This the reason we look towards ancient rituals and ceremonies to help us balance energies and maintain calm in our sacred spaces.

Hygge is the Danish word used to describe a moment or feeling of complete coziness and charm. Often thoughts similar to one of cashmere woven throws and a warmly lit fire on a wintery night come to mind when thinking of complete Hygge, but one must not forget the power of the olfactory senses. Below are a few scents to keep in mind when search to obtain Hygge.

Yuzu + Ginger

Imagine the smells of warm salt, citrus, and spices lingering in the air as you nap in a hammock on the beach while the sun drops below the horizon. 

Geranium + Wood

The clean, open air scent that the combination of geranium and layers of earth and wood create can best be described with the scenario of open windows of a country home letting in the sweet smells of the surrounding forrest on a sun drenched, cool afternoon. 

Blood Orange + Cognac

What better combination to bring the mind to a candle lit scene lounging on a soft buttery couch the color of burnt sugar, sipping a perfectly concocted Old Fashioned. 

Rose + Cocoa 

The notes of cocoa, vanilla, rose, and cinnamon can transport you to a crisp spring morning surrounded by beautifully arranged bouquets of fully bloomed roses. 

The art of Feng Shui uses the forces of energy to link the human spirit to its surroundings. It is known to bring not only peace but good luck to those who practice. When combining scent to your Feng Shui practice you gain the ability to heighten emotional responses to the ultimate degree.  

Bedroom + Guest Rooms

This is the most sacred of spaces in your home. You want complete Zen and tranquility, so using calming note combinations are key. Try lighting a stick of White Sage + Yerba Santa as well as misting Clary Sage + Lavender on your sheets before snuggling in at night.

Bathroom + Half Bath

To balance out the overabundance of water you'll want to add scents of earth as well as tapping into the antiseptic properties of essential oils. Reach for a stick of Palo Santo or Palo Santo + Lemongrass spray to add a touch of bergamot. 

Entryway + Living Space

Cleansing scents are best for entryways and spaces of communal gathering. Light, airy, and inviting should be the idea here. Try spraying Sandalwood + Chamomile in your entryway for a welcoming mood.

Kitchen + Dining Room

You want to use a scent that complements and not fights the aromas of your beautifully prepared meal. Stick to citrus and spice for this area. Consider Clementine + Cardamom for this area of your home.



unisex scents

We tend to shy away from frilly, overly sweet scent combinations here. Our scent combos are deep, rich, and moody.

Whether it's a blend of citrus with herbaceous undertones or florals with a hint of wood and spice, these blends can be enjoyed by everyone with a wide range of tastes. No scent is too feminine or masculine. 

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